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Brand Description

rapidname is a reputable domain registration service that offers everything you need to get started online. From domains to hosting to advanced cloud-based email services, rapidname is a trusted choice when it comes to a one-stop shop for all your web-based needs.

rapidname additionally offers a robust reseller platform that helps other business owners resell our products to their own end-users, all managed with minimal effort.

Brand History

  • 2004


    Originally founded as, our domain registration service offered rock-bottom prices for the most popular TLDs at a fraction of the larger competitors. The mission was to offer reliable domain registration services uncoupled from forced bundles with web hosting services that were typical at the time.

  • 2007

    Relaunched as rapidname

    We rebranded as RapidName, which quickly grew in further recognition. Customers enjoyed the simplicity of managing their domains regardless of what hosting provider they chose.

  • 2016

    New Logo

    Rapidname introduced a new logo to replace the dated graphics of its predecessor.

  • 2020

    Brand Refresh

    Along with a new stylish, modernized logo based on a green color palette, we introduced new services and packages that complement any domain registration.