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Backup Services

As a critical component to any computer or website, backup services are essential to keep your data safe and protected no matter what disaster may strike. Backup services need to have built-in redundancy, reliability and high performance to be meaningful, and we go beyond by offering integration through our various products and services.

Never underestimate the need to have multiple backups as a single point of failure can affect your entire business!

Services Offered

Codeguard Website Backup

Codeguard is a popular third-party backup solution we offer as an addon that is seamlessly integrated with all our shared and multi-account webhosting plans.

Offsite Backup

For VPS and dedicated servers, we offer remote offsite backup storage at a competitive cost. Coupled with the popular JetBackup software, you have reliable 24/7 on-demand backup coverage no matter what disaster may strike.

Our Brands

Each of our brands delivering our backup services emphasizes a different market segment or feature that distinguishes it among the others. Regardless of the brand, our core values are always the same throughout all our services.

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