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Web Hosting

We started in 2003 with humble beginnings as a web hosting provider. Web hosting is not just about making a website available to the general public, but also providing the critical infrastructure to support it, including database backends, email delivery and a robust control panel.

Today, with thousands of websites that depend on our web hosting services, we are proud to continually innovate and exceed our customer expectations when it comes to reliability, performance and cost-efficiency.

Services Offered

Consumer Web Hosting

Web hosting geared for casual users powered by fast SSD storage, a full-featured control panel and multi-domain support.

Windows Hosting

Windows hosting is a specialty hosting service that uses Microsoft’s IIS backend technologies to power some of the world’s most popular websites.

Business Web Hosting

Web hosting services designed specifically for business usage, with high performance hardware, large capacity storage and robust VPS and dedicated servers.

WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting is a popular choice for the most-used CMS in the world. We take care of keeping your backend secure while you can just focus on the frontend content.

Our Brands

Each of our brands delivering our web hosting services emphasizes a different market segment or feature that distinguishes it among the others. Regardless of the brand, our core values are always the same throughout all our services.

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